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14th June 2024 

Counselling is often used to described shorter term work, perhaps focusing on a specific issue. Psychotherapy describes longer term therapy, looking at what concerns you in greater depth. Both offer a safe and confidential space in which to explore your present concerns, your past or your future, your relationships with others and how you feel about yourself. Therapy is not about being given advice or being judged. It is about helping you to recognise what you feel about things and to deepen your awareness of yourself, and your relationships with others. As things begin to make more sense, decisions become clearer.

You might come because you want to work on a specific issue and find that a short contract (6-12 weeks) works well, while deeper exploration is suited to longer-term therapy which may be open-ended.

What is important is that the approach and the amount of time is mutually agreed, suited to your needs and is always under review.