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18th May 2024 

There are times in our lives when it can really help to talk. There are all kinds of reasons. Perhaps a crisis such as bereavement, an illness, something at work or the loss of a job, or difficulties in relationships. Sometimes there is conflict and stress in the workplace or at home.
Life can be difficult.

It may be that you just have a sense that things could feel better. Maybe there are things that are unresolved from the past, or long-standing feelings, maybe of anger or unhappiness, panic or despair. Patterns of behaviour that are unhelpful. Ways of dealing with things that are not working. Sometimes it’s even hard to know what is troubling you, or how to deal with feelings and it can be lonely. It can seem difficult to see the best way forward.

Talking to someone who is not involved will help you to explore what is going on. Someone who is trained to listen; who can see things from your point of view but can also bring another insight. From there, decisions and changes become possible.

For the moment, sessions remain via video online or telephone.

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